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Game Designer/Programmer/Level Designer


"Dash." is a fast-paced, 2D game in which the player must collect coins while avoiding a giant wall that is closing in from behind. The game consists of three stages, each lasting 30 seconds, and the player must accumulate as many points as possible by collecting coins. However, colliding with the wall will cause the player to lose points, making it a challenging and exciting gameplay experience.


2023 Spring


2D, RPG, Adventure, Platformer


PC, Xbox, PlayStation







Demo Available

Development Inactive



The core gameplay mechanics for this project revolve around the following principles


The player-controlled character moves through a 2D side-scrolling environment.

Grey Brick Wall

A giant wall is constantly closing in from behind the player, and collision with it causes the player to lose points.

Ancient Coins

The player must collect coins to gain points.

Game Over

The game is over when the player reaches the end of the third stage or when the player's score reaches zero.

Wall Clock

The game is divided into three stages, each lasting 30 seconds.

High Score Table

The objective is to achieve the highest possible score across all three stages by collecting as many coins as possible while avoiding collisions with the wall.


The interaction design of this project focuses on providing an intuitive and engaging experience for players for 100 seconds. Key elements include

Video Game Console Blue

Simple and responsive controls

Players interact with the game using straightforward touch or click-based inputs, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring the games are easy to pick up and play.

High Score Table

Immediate scoring

Players receive instant feedback on their performance through an on-screen score that updates in real-time, motivating them to improve their skills and compete for higher scores.

Eye Close Up

Visual feedback

Dash. provides clear visual cues and feedback, such as updating scores in real time to help players understand the game mechanics and their progress.

Image by Lance Asper

Smooth transitions

Each stage of Dash. are designed to transition seamlessly from one to another, maintaining a fast-paced and engaging gaming experience.

Old-Fashioned Clock

Time indicator

A visible countdown timer is displayed during the game, ensuring players are aware of the time constraint and can adjust their strategy accordingly.

Image by Susan Holt Simpson

Clear instructions

Dash. starts with brief, easy-to-understand instructions to ensure players know what to do right away. The interaction design of this project aims to create an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience that keeps players engaged and encourages them to improve their skills while competing for high scores.


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